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    Is it reliable to open an inn in Thailand?

    Author:Thailand MDR Accounting Law Firm Date:2013-08-19

    Many people say that it is very difficult to open a hotel and lodging in Thailand now. As long as we can find the right way and know the way, we can have our own business in Thailand

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    To open an inn and register a Sino Thai joint venture, you need to find more than one Thai shareholder, because Thai law stipulates that Thai shareholders must hold 51% of the shares. These shareholders can find or find an agency to help you. As a legal person, you hold 49% of the shares of the company and have the sole right to sign the company. You need to provide a copy of your personal passport, sign a few words, and provide a note The whole process can be completed in one month.

    1. To open an inn in Thailand, you should first choose a store with a large passenger flow. If you want to open a store in a suburb, it is recommended that you pay more attention to decoration and service, so that many people will be willing to experience even if it is far away.

    2. The second step is to register a Thai joint venture company. Because there are too many requirements for a wholly-owned company of BOI, and the application time is more than three months, only large investment enterprises will choose. If you want to know, you can go to the website of the Thai government to learn about the preferential provisions for boi investment, or you can find a professional accounting company.

    There is no need to worry too much about the issue of equity. In the follow-up of the company's operation, under the guidance of lawyers, the Thai shareholders can sign the equity transfer or equity surrender and give it to the real owner of the company's shares.

    Thailand has the minimum registered capital, which shall not be less than 1 million baht, and the direct investment quota of non Thai foreigners shall not be less than 3 million baht. If you need to hire foreigners or apply for your own work permit, you can apply for one foreign employee for every four Thai employees.

    Step 3: after the establishment of the company, it needs to go to the tax authorities for accounting and tax declaration, even if there is no income and expenditure, it also needs to make zero tax declaration. You can find a professional accounting company to help you with your accounts. After the company is registered, it needs to apply for the registered enterprise value-added tax and the enterprise social insurance for the employees and themselves.

    Step 4: after handling the above matters, you must apply for work visa and work permit in time, because it is illegal for foreigners to work in Thailand without these two kinds of work. No matter whether you are in Thailand or not, you need a work permit as long as you work in Thailand.

    The fifth step: the business license and industry license can be applied for before starting to operate the hotel. It is troublesome to apply for the special industry license. There are scale requirements, bed requirements, area requirements of each room, and security patrol duty at night.

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