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    Provision of  precise Thailad legal services

    We can provide legal services for foreign-funded enterprises and individuals investing in Thailand.  

    The laws of Thailand are quite different from those of other countries. Therefore, laws applicable to other countries may not apply here. If you are a foreign investor in Thailand, you need highly professional legal services. Mandarin is willing to provide support and help for your personal or business legal problems in Thailand. We will inform you carefully and make sure you understand all the advantages and disadvantages.

    If you are faced with difficult legal problems, please do not hesitate to ask us for help. Mandarin is always at your service.


    MDR lawyer team

    We have Thai lawyers having worked in Thailand for more than ten years and excellent English lawyers at your service. They are familiar with English customers’ demands as well as national laws of Thailand. Integrating the law culture of the European and American countries and Thailand, they are capable of customizing thoughtful legal service plans according to different legal demands and goals of users. Our purpose is to seek constant perfection of our legal services. 

    Core service  ธุรกิจหลัก

      Non-litigation legal services

        Litigation legal services

    ·  Due diligence

    · Background investigation

    · Risk handling

    · Contract review/drafting

    ·  Accompany services to sign contracts

    · Debt recovery service

    ·  Real estate development

    · Trade disputes

    ·  Legal consulting

    · Document notarization

    · Dispute mediation and consultation

    · Business disputes

    · send a lawyer's letter

    · Litigation and arbitration

    · Guarantee for Prisoners

    ·  Prison visit

    ·  Bail/Parole

    Other services  บริการเพิ่มเติม

    · Merger & Acquisition

    · Investment Immigration

    · Insurance

    · Document Translation

    · International Trade

    · Tax planning

    · Intellectual property rights

    · Foreign Investment: Provide feasible plans for foreign investors in Thailand.

    Mandarin senior lawyers are at your service





    Vilia, Barrister


    Mede CAIBarrister

    Vilia has been working as a lawyer and a legal consultant since 2002. 20 years of professional experience. Areas of expertise: legal litigation, legal defense, legal advice, compulsory litigation, enforcement of judgments, property disputes, business registration, establishment of enterprises and chambers of commerce.

    He has been a barrister since 2009 and obtained the right of attorney for signature of environmental impact assessment in Thailand in 2016. Specialized in legal proceedings against foreigners in Thailand. Areas of expertise: civil/criminal disputes, bail/parole, debt disputes, intellectual property rights, labor disputes, environmental protection disputes, etc.

    He has been a lawyer and legal consultant for 30 consecutive years and has obtained a bar association license. Areas of expertise: covering the establishment of all foreign-funded enterprises such as BOI and FBL; legal transfer of real estate by foreign clients; civil and criminal litigation defense, personal injury disputes; customs and logistics legal disputes; due diligence; foreign marriage, heritage division, etc.






    Guan napanLawyer

    He has been engaged in lawyer and legal case work since 1999, with 23 years of professional lawyer experience. Areas of expertise: major criminal cases, felony / innocence defense, civil litigation, such as real estate disputes, divorce cases, contract disputes, drug-related and drug trafficking cases, various fraud cases, labor disputes, and close contacts with government departments

    From 2008 to 2012, he studied in Thammasat university of Thailand and obtained a master's degree. Since 2013, he has been started working at Mandarin Law Firm and has been serving as a legal consultant to the National Health System of Thailand.

    Proficient in English and Japanese. Areas of expertise: consulting services in the legal field, reviewing business contracts, treaties and legal documents, and drafting contract terms; conducting audit and information survey to obtain licenses from various government departments, providing documents, and communication with BOI.

    Mandarin gives you more guarantees


    lawyers with efficiency

    Legal fees are always based on the lawyer's ability, reputation and record of success. Mandarin senior lawyers can develop professional legal service plans based on the client's needs, and the lawyers’ fee is in line with the service quality.

    In the market, lawyers with limited ability will ask for lower fees, but when clients are faced with serious legal problems overseas, choosing low-cost legal services is meaningless, because a lawyer with low ability does not have enough experience to protect the client’s interests. For example, when faced with criminal charges, it you try to save the legal fees, then when you are put in prison you will not have the opportunity to spend the money saved.

    The importance of in-time decision

    A timely judgement should be made in the face of legal problems, and a more effective solution could be obtained by employing a professional lawyer. Hesitation can exacerbate the problem.

    Timely communication for current situation

    Foreigners are mostly concerned about the language when looking for lawyers in in Thailand. Mandarin has a number of translators who can help you communicate with lawyers in real time, accurately convey the original intention of lawyers, and carry out translation of documents, contracts, agreements and supporting materials in Chinese, English and Thai.

     Quick consulting channel



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     Litigation Legal Services Rules

    1-200120193F4519.png  Litigation & Arbitration

    We can provide compliance or remedy approaches in line with national laws of Thailand as required. Our litigation and arbitration services are targeted at the real estate and tourism project development, L/C fraud, labor contract dispute, tax planning, heritage inheritance, personal injury, stock right transfer and other corporate compliance affairs. 

    1-191219151G3304.png  Send a lawyer's letter

    When the legal rights and interests of the enterprise or individual are infringed, it is necessary to take formal legal rights protection measures. You can entrust Mandarin lawyer to draft and send a lawyer's letter to stop the infringement and reach a settlement agreement as far as possible before the litigation, to ensure the client's rights and interests.

    1-191219153455J6.png  Bail/Parole

    For foreigners who are arrested on suspicion of crimes, they should contact a lawyer at the earliest time possible to collect favorable information and increase the probability of bail.

    For persons serving sentences, if the family members do not know the legal procedures related to the parole in Thailand, Mandarin lawyer can provide reasonable advice and apply for visit according to the criminal law of Thailand. We can also communicate with persons serving sentences in order to get the chance of commutation or parole for them.

    1-1912191534593U.png  Prison visit

    If you are detained for a criminal offence in Thailand, you should appoint a professional lawyer as soon as possible to help you understand the situation of cases objectively, avoid wasting valuable time, and obtain as much favorable information as possible. Mandarin can help you to apply for bail pending trial and carry out legal defense for you.

    1-19121915350Y34.png  Guarantee for Prisoners

    Foreigners arrested by the police in Thailand should promptly seek the assistance of a lawyer, and do not wait for the worst results to be happening, Mandarin lawyers can provide you with the best legal guarantee programs and the most efficient rescue procedures.

     Non-litigation Legal Services Rules

    1-1912191535142c.png   Due diligence

    Due diligence is an important risk prevention tool. We can provide clients with legal due diligence, real estate due diligence, financial due diligence, commercial due diligence and other customized due diligence, and draft professional and refined due diligence reports.

    1-191219153519E5.png  Contracts Review

    Contracts can guarantee legal benefits. As a result, clients must understand the advantages and disadvantages hidden in the provisions. Otherwise clients might face legal issues unexpectedly and might feel helpless. Mandarin can provide detailed review services, and give reviewed reports and modification plans according to the terms and clients' interests, to reduce the occurrence of disputes afterwards.

    1-19121915352DI.png  Lawyers can accompany you with site contract signing.

    Once the contract is signed, it will be legally effective, and if you are not familiar with the terms and the details of the contract, you will not be able to defend your interests in the event of a subsequent crisis, so it is important to have a third party expert involved in the audit. Mandarin lawyers can accompany you to the site to sign the contract, review the terms and amend the contract. Our scope of business covers the followings: real estate transfer contract signing, enterprise merger contract signing, purchase land contract signing, trade contract signing, etc.

    1-191219153533146.png  Debt recovery service

    By using excellent legal knowledge and wisdom, Mandarin could formulate various effective solutions to ensure the effective recovery of difficult debts or facilitate the resolution of economic disputes, complete the trust entrusted by the client. Our scope of business covers the followings: collection of personal debts, corporate debts, government debts, and international debts.

    1-191219153552431.png  Long-term Legal Consultancy

    Mandarin provides legal advisory services for individuals and enterprises. The business scope includes legal consultation, legal business advice, prevention of legal risks, review and revise various legal documents, conduct due diligence, legal consulting services for litigation and arbitration cases, and issue legal opinions for special affairs.

    1-19121915352DI.png  Document notarization

    We can provide professional legal notary services for overseas documents, and can translate documents, contracts, agreements and supporting materials into English, Chinese and Thai. Business scope covers company legal person notarization, personal and family member status and relationship notarization, overseas education certification, translation notarization services.

    1-19121915352DI.png  Real Estate Development

    We can provide legal consulting, contract drafting and interpretation, and other legal services for various real estate projects, including office buildings, plants, hotels, villas, vocational villages and golf courses, purchased or built by clients. We can also assist clients in gaining financing for real estate projects and issue corresponding legal services. Besides, we can provide compliance investigation services for clients in terms of real estate and land acquisition, development or sales. 

    1-19121915352DI.png  Trade Dispute 

    We can settle the following disputes for clients, including maritime affairs and aviation disputes, architect disputes, right disputes with banks and shareholders, financial service disputes, disputes arising from performance of business contracts, disputes concerning termination of the joint venture partnership agreement, disputes over intellectual property right infringement and labor contracts, etc. We can help clients finish redemption right cancellation procedures for debtors’ properties before and after the court trial, and precisely investigate into debtors’ properties. 

    1-19121915352DI.png   Dispute Mediation and Consultation

    Mediation is an important means of conflict resolution. In small cases, litigation costs may be far greater than the damages awarded by the court, and mediation can reduce the fees paid by the various parties to the minimum. Mandarin lawyers can assist clients in their negotiation and communication with other parties, assist in the conclusion of a mutually agreed solution, and draw up a binding agreement. The scope of business includes commercial disputes, trade disputes, accident compensation disputes, etc.

    1-19121915352DI.png  Public Listing: Investment Law Advisor

    We can provide legal investigation services for clients according to clients’ industrial fields and business development directions. Based on investigation results, we can analyze clients’ public listing feasibility, and assist in formulating listing plans and entry strategies and taxation planning, selecting proper investment areas and locations and identifying business models. Meanwhile, our service also covers assistance in drafting and modifying legal documents, such as operation agreements. 

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