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    Thai Permit/License Application

    Some industries need to apply for relevant licenses to operate legally in Thailand.


    MDR is committed to assisting enterprises from all over the world in getting relevant licenses in Thailand based on our company’s extensive friend-sourcing and PR resources. 

    Industrial qualifications and permits are indispensable qualification certificates for an enterprise’s establishment and operation. They are legitimate certificates required of enterprises or individuals seeking development in specific industries of Thailand. 

    1-191222161034J7.png  Accompanying throughout the Application Process,We are familiar with required materials and steps, which can save you the trouble of bustling around. 

    1-191222161034J7.png  We have specialists to accompany you and provide one-stop solution plan for you. 

    1-191222161034J7.png  We have built extensive contacts with competent departments, which can facilitate your application process. 

    Service Scope

    · Assist in registering and applying for various licenses and permits of limited liability company, joint-ventures, unlimited liability company;

    · Provide consulting and guidance for registration and application of various licenses, permits and BOIs;

    · Apply to the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) for various licenses, foreigners’ work permits, residence permits, and plant’s operation licenses. 

    Scope of Qualification Services

    · Thailand industrial land permit

    · Thailand industrial building permit

    · Thailand industrial construction permit

    · Thai TISI certification

    · School teaching permit

    · Security system operating permit

    · Electronic business license

    · Logistics license

    · Vehicle operation license

    · Warehouse permit

    · Travel license

    · Massage service license

    · guesthouse Guesthouse license

    · Alcohol and tobacco license

    · Factory license

    · Hotel license (daily rental service)

    · Food and beverage license

    · Import of industrial products

    · Sugar export license: certificate of origin, product standard license, sugar export license, product safety and hygiene license, management committee of special products. 

    · Export license

    · Import and export of food, drugs, cosmetics (factory license, warehouse address certification)

    · Import and export of agricultural products (warehouse address certification)

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    Benefits of Qualification Services


    Apply via legal channels
    Simplify procedures to make application faster
    Enjoy follow-up maintenance service 

    Every company or self-employed entrepreneur should obtain corresponding qualifications before legally investing in specific industries of Thailand. These qualifications can help companies and self-employed entrepreneurs seek better development and enhance their competitiveness. The grade, category and scope of qualifications have a close bearing on the above investors’ market performance, competitiveness, position, survival and development. Those without legal qualifications and operating based on qualifications acquired through illegal channels will face serious punishments once being found by the authorities. 

    Companies or individuals unfamiliar with application procedures might increase their application costs and slow down the handling process of their applications. Sometimes, companies might even omit preferential policies suitable to them. 

    After companies finish qualification application, follow-up maintenance and upgrade are necessary. If companies do all this on their own, it will be a huge waste of human and material resources, which might finally impede their normal operation. With MDR, you can avoid these troubles. Meanwhile, we also provide certificate handling, which can bring the utmost convenience for enterprises. 

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