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    Mandarin can help you open your account in an effective way

         Business account in Thailand             Personal account in Thailand

    According to past experiences, Mandarin recommends you to open accounts in the following four banks. 

    · Bank of Ayudhya

    · United Overseas Bank

    · Bangkok Bank

    · SCB Bank

    If you need to open other bank accounts in Thailand or in other Southeast Asian countries, such as HSBC account in Singapore, please contact us. 

    Thai accounts can meet a variety of needs. 

    · It is necessary to open an account for investment and business transactions in Thailand. There is no foreign exchange control. Free transfer of funds. 

    · The establishment of a business account for start-up registered companies is regulated by the law of Thailand. Normal businesses need public accounts. 

    · Guarantee of capital security. Thailand did not sign the CRS. Assets here are not collected, classified and given feedback, nor disclosed to any one country. 

    · Being a property holder by purchasing a house, you can use the online bank to pay the phone, electricity, water, insurance, property fee, high speed fee, broadband fee and other payment at any time, which is convenient and fast.  

    · If you are working or studying in Thailand, it is necessary to have a local bank card. 

    · It is convenient to have a bank card for overseas consumption. You can pay the bill by using the card instead of the cash.  

    Why choosing us?

    「  Fast services for those who urgently need a bank account in Thailand  」


    Shorten the cycle of opening an account with more convenient procedures.

    With the help of Mandarin’s services of in-advance appointment, clients just come to Bangkok and have the bank account opened at the same day. It is cost saving. 

    More easy to open the account. Work visas are not required. 

    Banks in Thailand normally have a high threshold for non-Thai individuals to open an account, which requires a 1-year work visa. Mandarin has a close relationship with large local and foreign Banks in Thailand, so you can open an account by holding a visa on arrival or by checking in for tourism.


    Assist in handing in the missing materials. 

    It is necessary to have an address certificate in Thailand to open an account. Mandarin can successfully and effectively solve the problem in the absence of a rental contract.

    Professional accompanying services in opening accounts, making the communication much more smoothly. 

    we provide services in Chinese, English and Thai. 


    We provide following-up services and consultations in using cards. 

    We can also provide consultation services about the using of your bank account. 

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    Advantages of opening accounts in Thai banks


    01. There are no foreign exchange controls in Thailand, and remittance from China to Thailand is more convenient. 

    According to Thai regulations, the funds for expats to buy apartments must come from regions outside Thailand. The remittance from the home country to the public accounts of real estate developers in Thailand often fails due to the strict bank supervision in the home country. If you have a Thai bank card, then it is highly possible to be successful in transferring the money from your home country to your private bank account in Thailand.


    02. Funds can be freely transferred. Convenient for overseas asset allocation.

    To open a Thai bank account, you need just only a small amount of money. The free transfer of money makes it convenient and free for account holders who have large assets and needs of overseas transfer to operate.  

    Large amount of foreign exchange can be transferred out of your home country to Thailand. They can be transferred on the counter easily, as long as there are legal reasons. Compared with online transfer, operation on the counter is more secure and invisible.

    03. Asset protection for high net worth individuals

    Thailand is not a member of the CRS. So it does not need to disclose your tax information to open an account in the bank of Thailand, nor need to worry that the asset information will be exchanged back to your home country. In this way, the safety of assets can be guaranteed. In addition to the bank account, you can also apply for a Thai Individual Tax Identification Number to have the tax resident status. After that, it is more secure for you to transfer assets to Thailand.

    04. Requirements for a long stay visa

    If you want to enjoy your old age life in Thailand, you can apply for a "Thai Retirement Visa ". To get the card, you need to have a certificate of funds deposit in Thailand’s personal account, and the deposit must be deposited for at least 2 months. So, if you have the intention to apply for an old-age visa you can open a Thai personal account in advance. Mandarin assists you in getting the card within one day. 

    "Investment visa" is highly valuable, that is, to obtain permanent residence in Thailand through investment. In getting the visa, one prerequisite is the proof of investment funds, and it will only take effect through the proof of foreign exchange and its flow by a Thai bank. A Thai bank account and investment visa by the help of Mandarin allows you to obtain the permanent residence status more quickly.

    05. It does not need too many tedious steps to open an account in Thailand. The process is more convenient, and the time for opening is short.

    With the stricter supervision of personal foreign exchange account now, the threshold for overseas account opening is also gradually raised. For example, the authentication steps for opening accounts in Portugal and Georgia, the account opening in Cyprus requires an explanation of the source of funds, and the application for a permit to go to Hong Kong and Taiwan. In contrast, it needs less information to open an account in Thailand. All you need is only a passport, a one-year visa and the address proof.

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