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    Thai trademark registration

    Establishment of the brand image for brand protection


    Because of regionality of trademarks, trademarks registered in Other countries might not necessarily gain protection abroad. To protect domestic trademarks in a foreign country requires trademark owners to register their trademarks there. 

    It is also important to register your brand name as a trademark if you plan to increase the brand reputation in the Thai market. In doing so, not only the value of your brand will be enhanced, but also the goods and services will be well protected. Mandarin can handle this for you. We offer convenient services. 

    MDR is experienced in protecting international intellectual property rights. We have built partnerships with dozens of countries on intellectual property right protection. Our powerful think-tank support can actively respond to enterprise demands. By providing personalized, professionalized and efficient services, we have become the top choice for enterprises’ international intellectual property right protection. 

          Our services include     

    Basic businesses regarding the trademark in Thailand

    Trademark RegistrationTrademark renewaltrademark change

    trademark transactionlicense registrationcustoms registration

    trademark transfergeographical indication

    Other businesses regarding intellectual property rights

    Thai patent applicationIndustrial product appearance design right Appellation of origin

    Business secret Industrial property right Manufacturer’s name

    Other intellectual outcomes Copyright New plant species

    What can we do for you?

    “MDR’s intellectual property right services are oriented towards high-end business circles. The legal procedures alone have already been reduced to protection of intellectual property rights by enterprises’ internal legal departments.”

    Our task force is a consulting group in response to clients’ appeal or clients’ need of brand upgrade. It is also the most professional expert team formed based on clients’ feature parameters, which can swiftly maximize clients’ interests.


    01. Help clients to develop IPR crisis prevention plan

    We aim at helping clients investigate completeness of their knowledge system, namely prevention of crises of potential disputes and infringements. We provide a whole set of preparation plan or periodical knowledge integration to give clients a clear picture of threats, either potential or existing, in their intellectual property right development, utilization and protection. Considering the increasing value of intellectual property rights, we have launched all-around protection to minimize the potential damage. Besides, we encourage value investment for brand investment, and maximize brand interests via the early-stage ownership deployment. 

    02.We will complete the trademark registration for you in the shortest time. 

    We know the client psychology of “first outputting and then protection.” In implementing the legal procedures, we can rely on authoritative resources, which are accessible, to efficiently cope with the stereotyped procedures and to handle various legal affairs rapidly. At the same time, we will assist clients in realizing brand upgrade. Under the theoretical guidance of “efficiency brings efficacy,” we ensure “real-time payment, real-time handling” with our large number of talent resources.

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    Notes for Application 

    1. Thailand is open to registration application of commodity trademarks, service trademarks, certificate trademarks, collective trademarks, associated trademarks, and color trademarks. 

    2. Thailand does not accept large-scale commodities. 

    3、There are two ways to apply for the trademark of Thailand. Companies can carefully consider choosing which way to protect the trademark. 

    ①. With the help of Mandarin, it takes 15 months to have the trademark registered by applying directly to the Department of Intellectual Property. 

    ②. With the help of Mandarin, it takes at least 21 months to have the trademark registered through the Madrid System of International Registration of Trademarks. Thailand is a member state of the system. By submitting only one set of application instruments, an enterprise can extend the trademark registration protection to multiple parties, making it very easy to seek legal protection for its trademark in multiple regions. The solution can not only save costs, simplify the application procedures, but also beneficial for the enterprise to carry out uniform trademark management.

    Thai Trademark Review Procedures



    Trademark design


    Trademark registration


    Trademark application


    Handling notice


    Trademark review


    Release announcement


    Completion of registration


    Trademark Review Timeframe

    Submit the required documents in around two weeks. (Get the original in nine months the quickest.)

    (1)Issue the notice in seven workdays, start using the trademark upon receiving the handling notice, and print “TM” onto it;

    (2)Receive the trademark certificate in around nine months and print “R” on the certificate. 

    Classification of trademarks 

    1. The applicant can be a Thai company, foreigners’ passport and foreign company;

    2. Trademark service life: 10 years, renewed per 10 years;

    3. Quotation: A logo is corresponding to products under the same category. Every extra category of products will generate extra fees. For example, ice cream, facial mask and toner are three kinds of products and will generate three charges;

    4. If the number of products under the same category apply beyond the upper limit, no extra fees will be charged, and the already paid amount covers all products of the whole category; (Thai products can be divided into 45 categories.)

    5. Cross-category application: For example, cake and pillow are two products, and the quotation is “application fees for the cake plus application fees for the pillow.” Following that, any new application under the same category is charged by one product. 

    Notes: There is a huge difference between Thai’s trademark classification and other countries’ trademark application procedures and classification. Hereby, we suggest you not classifying the trademarks on your own. 

    As to disputes over registering brands containing hot-words as trademarks, if you succeed in registering, it does not mean that none have successfully registered it. However, if others are also applying, you might fail to register it, but the trademark bureau will not give you refund because of it. 

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