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    Accounting and Audit Services

    Mandarin can be the financial and tax expert for companies in Thailand.

    Financial audit is one important link in the operation of Thai enterprises. Failure to submit the audit report in accordance with the laws and regulations of Thailand will be severely punished. Especially for newly established enterprises. If you are not familiar with the tax laws and audit procedures of Thailand and cannot conduct the audit timely, your company or directors will be fined.

    Mandarin’s team in finance and tax is experienced in auditing, tax, accounting and related businesses in Thailand. We are familiar with Thailand's corporate audit law and can provide you with high quality audit services.

    · Auditing is not only about financial and tax information, but also about accurate data through systematic analysis. We are independent of the enterprise itself, and can provide more objective audit results, and point out the loopholes in the enterprise's operation and control.

    · By acquiring short-term internal audit services, companies can obtain high-quality audit services at a lower cost. In this way, enterprises can concentrate on their main businesses. At the same time, we also provide consultations on business taxes in Thailand and daily tax practices.

    We provide objective and professional audit services

    · Annual or semi-annual internal and external audit 

    · special audit

    · tax consulting

    · legal audit

    · tax audit

    ·  outgoing audit  

    · accounting statement audit

    · asset assessment

    · capital verification report

    · enterprise liquidation audit

    · tax planning


    Acting Accounting and Tax Declaration

    We will clean up the mess in the accounts of enterprises with comprehensive services.

    Acting accounting not only helps enterprises to concentrate resources on businesses with high efficiency, good benefits and promising future, but also makes the maximum profits of enterprises. Mandarin’s accounting team is experienced, familiar with the tax law of Thailand, thus can deal with the tax problems of various industries timey, and meet the business needs of enterprises in Thailand.


    Fast and accurate accounting and tax services for enterprises

    · Monthly Withholding Tax (WHT) and social security declaration  

    · Monthly financial statements (profit and loss statements and balance sheets)

    · Monthly value-added tax (VAT) declaration 

    · Annual employee subsidy funds 

    · Bank account opening

    · Annual person income declaration 

    · Annual personal income WHT summary report 

    · Any service designated by clients 

    · Salary list processing

    Do you have the following financial problems

     in starting a business in Thailand?



    We can help you

    All the aforementioned problems can be solved by Mandarin


    It is not easy for companies to find a trustable, experienced and professional accountant practicing on good faith. Without proper management, the accounting costs might soar up. Enterprises can entrust accounting work to Mandarin. This is not only conducive to controlling the expenses, but also able to obtain financial statements in accordance with Thai accounting standards.

    Free from tax punishments

    1. MDR has provided accounting consulting services for clients for years, meeting different accounting demands, ranging from monthly VAT declaration to semiannual enterprise income tax declaration and to salary list processing. Therefore, customers can avoid the trouble of Tax Bureau checking accounts.

    2. If you need to pay taxes, we will confirm with you at the earliest time possible. Timely tax declaration and submission of annual review can guarantee you from being punished by taxation authorities. 

    Efficient cleaning of accounts

    MDR knows micro-and small-scale companies better. To startups or SMEs in their growth period, they cannot independently finish their accounting due to limitations of financial and human resources. Considering this problem, we can help startups and SMEs as well as micro-small-scale companies control costs and optimize work efficiency. You entrust your accounting, tax declaration and other tasks to us. Clear accounts enable the company to eliminate hidden troubles in accounting in advance. 

    Multi-languages services

    Accurate financial data can facilitate your analysis of companies’ prospects and business planning. Our translators can help you with your doubts about the accounting statements.  which allow you to immediately grasp major financial data and choose the best operation plan.

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    E-mail: mandarinlawfirm@gmail.com

    Our advantages

    Mandarin saves each and single minute for you. 


    Mandarin is a legitimate firm. 

    Welcome to Bangkok Office

    The location of Mandarin is next to the MahaNakhon Mansion of Bangkok, a business district. Welcome to our company for consultations. Our professional accountants will provide you with senior accounting services.



    We have professional accountants to serve you

    We have a number of accountants experienced in the field of tax. Each of them is equipped with a formal accounting certificate, with an average of more than 10 years of experiences. They can provide whole-process tax reporting and accounting, which will save you much time and energy. By paying about a quarter of the salary of a full-time accountant, you can enjoy services of a financial professional team. Such practices are not only cost-saving, but also make you have more time to focus on businesses. 


    More secure information

    The financial information of the enterprise is confidential. From consultation, reception to accounting, Mandarin has its own professional accounting team, which keeps confidential the whole information of the enterprise and finish the accounting by relying on the laws and regulations of the Thai government.

    The accounts can be audited at any time

    Business conditions and taxes payable are clear. 

    High-quality financial and tax services

    1. Clients talk with MDR specialists and sign the written accounting entrustment agreement to confirm different terms face-to-face. 

    2. MDR specialists visit clients to fetch the original receipt materials based on the negotiated “checklist.”

    3. MDR senior accountants declare and pay taxes accurately and on time to ensure accuracy and efficiency of accounting. 

    4. MDR can customize a systematic tax planning scheme in accordance with laws for you, make full use of the current existing policies to reasonably avoid financial risks, and provide countermeasures for companies’ operation risks. 

    Accounting Package Service

    Accounting price is decided by companies’ business volume. 


    Detail-oriented Package Service


    The service fees are decided by the number of monthly notes and tasks. 

    Responsibilities: Accounting voucher formulation, detail account preparation, account book binding, month-end or annual-end account clearing, month-end tax declaration, semiannual/annual tax declaration, etc. 

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    Tax Declaration Package Service for SMES


    The service fees are decided by the number of monthly notes and tasks. 

    Responsibilities: Report and put down accounting entries. Conduct monthly tax declaration, social security declaration, semiannual/annual tax declaration, and annual accounting statements. 

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