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    Acting application for a permanent Thai visa

    Professional visa service: Safeguard your first step to develop in Thailand.

    Thai visa services constitute a core business of MDR. We have a professional visa legal consulting team familiar with materials and procedures required of different visas, and we can help customers review documents for different visa applications and provide feasible solution plans for problems arising from the application process. 

    We can handle the following visas for you

    Thai elite visa                        Thai Investment visa                        Thai retirement visa                                 Thai business visa                            

    Thai work visa                       Thai work permit                              Thai dependent visa                                Tourist visa/Landing visa renewal    

    Student visa                              Marriage registration in Thailand  


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    · We have offices in Bangkok. The team has experiences of 13 years in this field.

    · One-for-one service keeps you updated on the process. 

    · Reasonable price, service in place, formal process in application, legal visa

    · Quick collection of materials, saving time, high rate of acceptance

    · Respect for privacy. Strict protection of information security

    · No official offices, you can only contact the staff.  

    · You might have to meet another personnel in the applying process. The communication takes time and energy. 

    · Promises of operation without personal materials. While in fact, all you get is a fake visa and you will be blacklisted. 

    · Slow in getting the visa. 

    · Your personal information might be handled by different people, increasing the risk of information leakage. 

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    Thailand Elite Visa

    An opportunity of permanent stay in Thailand


    Thai elite visa is Thailand's top visa, which is a long-term visa project approved by the Thai government with limited global sales.

    · The threshold of processing is low: it is the open processing period currently. Simple materials, and high rate of approval. 

    · Free movement: Single stay time is not limited. With multiple processing is equal to indefinite residence. 

    · VIP privilege: to be a distinguished guest in Thailand, enjoy free shuttle service, airport VIP preferential treatment.

    · Exclusive privileges for members: VIP discount for hundreds of shopping malls, hotels and SPAs in Thailand ,24-hour multilingual services to assist with reservations.

    With Thai elite visa, long-term residence in Thailand can be achieved by retaining the passport of the original nationality, which makes you enjoy the benefits of the home country. Also, you will enjoy the privileges and facilities provided by the status of long-term residence in Thailand.

    The Thai Special Visit offers the Dependent Visa handling service at a special offer. The handling charge is lower for direct relatives’ application and the direct relatives with the Dependent Visa are also entitled to the VIP services. 


    · information collection, form filling in Thai. All these works can be assisted by Mandarin.

    · No need to come to Thailand by yourself. 

    · Assist clients in opening bank accounts in the designated bank—Bangkok Bank—free of charge once;


    Investment Visa issued by Thailand

    A valuable long-term visa issued by Thailand

    If you want to invest in Thailand, the prerequisite is that you must be as old as 18 and beyond. By investing in Thailand, you can also obtain an annual renewal of your investment visa. Such a visa can equip you with certain benefits, such as family visa application, free education for children, etc. There is no need for immigration. You can enjoy long-term settlement in Thailand. Thailand's economic momentum is good. Your investment can be appreciated, and long-term visa can be done once.


    5 optional types of investment visas: 

    01. Deposit investment: if the deposit conditions for overseas remittance are met, Mandarin can assist in opening a Thai account and collecting other materials. The deposit can be used afterwards, and the renewal can be completed if the money is deposited back to the account within 100 days. Mandarin can assist in the renewal process.


    02. Purchase real estate without land in Thailand: we can help transfer the real estate to your name legally, and then we will collect the materials for you to apply for the investment visa.


    03. To rent real estate without land in Thailand: we can help you to find the rental land or you can find it by yourself. After that, we will collect the materials and help you apply for the visa afterwards. 


    04. Purchase of Thai government bonds: it is necessary to have a personal Thai bank account and overseas remittance to purchase government bonds. Mandarin can help you to open the account and assist the follow-up operation until the visa is issued. 

    05. You can also apply for the visa with the superimposition of the first to the fourth channels and with the achievement of a certain amount of investment. 


    Thai retirement visa

    Enjoy your old age life in Thailand


    To hold the retirement visa means that you have been a Thai resident, entitled to rights beyond foreign tourists, including opening the bank account in local Thai banks, sit the examination for the Thai driving license, study in any Thai university, etc. Thailand warmly welcomes foreigners to spend their life after retirement in Thailand. In Thailand, the living expenses are low but the service industries are highly developed. You can have access to high-standard medical care at a low cost. Besides, there are all kinds of entertainment in Thailand. All this has won Thailand the reputation of “Retirement Paradise. ”


    1. Mandarin will assist in collecting materials. You need to be over 50 years old and have a Thai bank account with 800,000-baht deposit in it for at least 2 months. You can fly to Bangkok with a tourist visa, and the whole process will be handled by Mandarin. 

    2. If you don’t have a Thai bank account, Mandarin will help you with that. 

    3. We can help to solve the problems such as the address in Thailand and Thai nationality witnesses which are needed to apply for the visa.

    4. Mandarin can also assist in resolving your funds deficiency which is required by the first requirement (800,000-baht deposit for at least 2 months).

    5. Mandarin provides 90-day immigration reporting services.

    6. Pension visa should be issued annually. With the help of Mandarin, you don’t have to come to Thailand to get your visa renewed. 


    Thai work visa+ work permit

    Thai work permit legal certificate


    Under what conditions should you apply for work visa and work permit? 

    1. Foreigners who apply for work based on the Law of the Kingdom of Thailand on Investment Promotion shall apply for work permit within 30 days before their entry into Thailand or within 30 days after they get a job offer in Thailand. Those violating this regulation will be fined for 1,000 Bahts at most. 

    2. Foreigners attempting to work in Thailand should apply for work permit first no matter whether they have residence permit in Thailand or not.  

    Both the working ID and the work visa are necessary. 

    “Work permit” is a certificate issued by the Thailand Labor Department to allow a person to legally work in Thailand, which is actually foreigners’ work permit in Thailand;

    “Work visa” is issued by Thailand Immigrants Bureau. You can use your work permit to extend your work visa by one to two years. As long as your visa is legally extended, your legal residence in Thailand is no longer a problem. 

    Why choosing Mandarin?

    The immigration department is very strict in the examination and approval of work visa in Thailand. The materials must be true. People with any fake information will be severely punished, fined, repatriated and being put into a blacklist. Mandarin works on legal visas, so you need only to provide real company materials. With Mandarin’s help, you can enjoy time-saving service in a simple and convenient manner. You don’t have to face problems like language barriers, form filling difficulties and insufficient materials. It’s the same with the tourist visa. For which, many people are more willing to purchase services rather than applying by themselves, because it is far more cost-effective and energy-saving. 


    Thai Business Visa

    Business Activities in Thailand


    Those going to Thailand to explore business opportunities, attend meetings, and participate in training or academic exchange within 90 days should apply to visas of the type. 

    Why choosing Mandarin?

    Mandarin works on legal visas. You need to have legal materials and invitation letters. Don't believe the promise that agent companies can handle the visa without materials. The immigration department is very strict on business visa. If the materials are not true or if you are holding a false visa, you will fail to enter the country and be put into the blacklist.

    The application for a business visa is complex since there are too many materials to be prepared. You can come to Thailand with a tourist visa, and Mandarin can help you with all necessary documents and proofs for the business visa. Our staff will accompany you to the immigration office and assist with the process, which will save you much time.  


    Thai Dependent Visa

    To visit relatives in Thailand


    Thai dependent visa is for applicants to reunite with direct relatives in Thailand, and the visa holder can stay in Thailand for one year. The spouse or the direct relative (parents or offspring) should hold the Thai work permit and marriage certificate to apply for Thai dependent visa. For example, if a son hold the Thai work permit, then his wife, parents and son can all apply for Thai dependent visa. If you get married with a Thai, your parents can also apply for the dependent pass. Or if you are study in Thai, one of your relatives can also apply for the dependent VISA.

    Relative visa under two conditions can also be applied with the help of Mandarin. 

    1、(Work visa owned by a relative) Immediate family members have formal work visas in Thailand. 

    2、(Marriage with a Thai) A foreign man who marries a Thai woman needs a Thai bank deposit of 400, 000 Baht for three months.

    Mandarin helps with the collection of materials. As long as the materials are in line with the regulations, you can get the visa within about two weeks. 


    Thai Tourist Visa/Landing Visa Renewal

    For foreigners who want to lengthen their stay in Thailand after expiration of their tourist visa.


    Tourist visa extension:

    People who hold tourist visas can stay in Thailand for 60 days. There are two ways of extension:

    1. an extension of 7 days

    2. the transfer from an old tourist visa to a new 2-month tourist visa 

    The client shall have the original bank deposit certificate and the copy of the bank card with a certain amount of deposit, as well as the reservation order of a Thai hotel. Mandarin can help to collect the materials and accompany the client to the immigration department. 


    Visa upon arrival extension:

    You can stay in Thailand for 15 days. You can stay in Thailand for another 7 days for the first extension. The second extension will not be accepted.

    1. an extension of 7 days

    2、Visa upon arrival extension converted to 2-month travel visa

    The client shall have the original bank deposit certificate and the copy of the bank card with a certain amount of deposit, as well as the reservation order of a Thai hotel. Mandarin can help to collect the materials and accompany the client to the immigration department. 


    Student visa

    Plan to study in Thailand for long


    Mandarin can help you to apply for a student visa in Thailand, with which you can stay in the country for 15 months initially, after which you can renew it annually indefinitely.

    The immigration department is very strict in the examination and approval of a student visa, and it is also strictly checking the attached and false student visa. The agency needs you to provide authentic documents of the school:

    1. You can come to Thailand with a tourist visa. Mandarin help you to handle the student visa, which is time and energy saving. 

    2. During your study in Thailand, if you need to leave Thailand before the study visa goes expired, you can hand it over to Mandarin to operate on behalf of yourself, or you can get it done at the immigration department or Bangkok Airport before leaving. When you return to Thailand, you will be able to continue to use the remaining valid days of the original visa.

    3. Holding a student visa means that you need to report to competent authorities within 90 days. Mandarin can act that behalf of you. 

    4、You need go to the immigration department to renew your visa 20 days before it expires. Such work can be commissioned to Mandarin. 


    Marriage registration in Thailand 

    Formalities required of your marriage with a Thai


    The couple should prepare the following documents: 

    1. Foreigner’s passport and valid visa;

    2. Thai’s ID card. 


    We can provide the following services:

    1. Finishing material compilation and registration (handling fees + service fees), and you are expected to pay the registration travel expenses;

    2. Finishing material compilation and registration (handling services + service fees) + The single certificate issued by your motherland. You are expected to pay the registration travel expenses. 


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