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    Marriage with a Foreigner

    A foreigner marrying a Thai can register their marriage in Thailand.  


    One-to-one specialist reception and gold accompanying services

    A:Finish material preparation to registration (handling fees + service fees), but registration travelling expenses should be covered by the applicant;

    B:Finish material preparation to registration (handling fees + service fees) + Single’s certificate, but registration travelling expenses should be covered by the applicant. 

    The process takes one to two weeks. No need to go Thailand by yourself. 

    If you apply for the marriage certificate, you might feel confused about the complex formalities and waste too much time. With our assistance, you do not have to bustle around because of your unfamiliarity with the procedures. 

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    Handling process


    All the work can be done in your home country. 

    · You need to prepare your own certificate of singleness and no-crime proof in your home country. You need to have the two documents notarized in the notary office in both Chinese and English and complete the consular certification at the Consular Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And then you should send all the documents to Thailand, you can entrust us to help you collect the rest materials for registration.

    · Or, you can have your single certificate and no-crime certificate notarized in the local notary office, and have them sent to the Thai embassy for consular certification, and then send all documents to Thailand, and entrust us to help you collect the rest materials for registration.


    You can also get it done by coming to Thailand by yourself. 

    1. We assist you to fill out the single certificate application. The materials for the single certificate include: the materials of 2 friends holding your country's passport, and 2 Thai witnesses should go to the embassy for signature with you. If you do not have a suitable candidate, Mandarin can help you handle this.  

    2.  Next, translate the single certificate into Thai. Mandarin can provide translation service and collect all the materials to accompany you to the Foreign Ministry of Thailand for notarization.

    3. Mandarin can accompany you during the registration procedures. You and your spouse and two Thai witnesses should go to competent authorities to confirm the signature, and you can obtain a marriage certificate on the spot. 

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