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    Formal channels applying for Thailand BOI licenses

    100% foreign ownership is allowed, and investment preference can be enjoyed

    What is BOI?

    Board of Investment, or BOI, is a government agency that promotes foreign investment in Thailand, directly under the prime minister's office. The Thai government has always been encouraging foreign investment. In 1954, it enacted the BOI act, an investment promotion policy, aiming to attract more foreign enterprises to invest in Thailand and improve the economic vitality of Thailand. Since 1954, each new cabinet has issued new policies to provide more promotion and support for foreign investment in Thailand.

      The benefits of establishing a BOI company

    · 100% foreign ownership is allowed.

    · Enjoy preferential tax policy, zero tariff, tax exemption for imported equipment, and exemption from busines income tax for up to 15 years

    · Foreigners are allowed to own land and hold permanent title to land.

    · All family members of foreign technical professionals are allowed to enter the country and can be issued with visas and work permits.

    · Some industries enjoy licenses for foreign currency to be transferred to overseas.

    · A Thai joint venture should have a ratio of Thai and foreign employees of 4:1. But BOI companies have no proportional restrictions on foreign and Thai employees.

    · Foreign nationals may obtain a license to enter the Kingdom for research investment, and skilled workers and experts can enter the Kingdom for investment promotion activities.

    Incentives Offered in the BOI Thailand Promotion

    Preferential tax policy for approved investment projects according to their grades.

    · Exemption/reduction of import duties on machinery.

    · Reduction of import duties for raw or essential materials.

    · Exemption of import duties on materials imported for R&D purposes.

    · Exemption of corporate income tax on the net profit and dividends derived from the promoted activity.

    · Exemption of corporate income tax on net profit and dividends derived from the promoted high technology and innovation activity.

    · A 50 percent reduction of the corporate income tax.

    · Double deduction from the costs of transportation, electricity and water supply.

     · Additional 25 percent deduction of the cost of installation or construction of facilities.

    · Exemption of import duty on raw or essential materials imported for use in production for export.

    We help you to set up your BOI company


    Applying for a BOI company is a tedious job. Mandarin law firm has many years of experiences in dealing with BOI officials, which can help you complete the application process more efficiently.

    As the BOI category is relatively limited, different industries will be eligible for different tax benefits, based on factors such as business size, location and turnover. Mandarin can provide consulting services on preferential BOI tax policies for designated industries to help you make a pre-investment feasibility analysis more clearly.

    Our professional BOI lawyers 

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    Vilia, Barrister

    Mede CAI, Barrister

    Guan napan, Lawyer

    Vilia has been working as a lawyer and a legal consultant since 2002. 17 years of professional experience. Areas of expertise: legal litigation, legal defense, legal advice, compulsory litigation, enforcement of judgments, property disputes, business registration, establishment of enterprises and chambers of commerce.

    He has been a lawyer and legal consultant for 30 consecutive years and has obtained a bar association license. Areas of expertise: covering the establishment of all foreign-funded enterprises such as BOI and FBL; legal transfer of real estate by foreign clients; civil and criminal litigation defense, personal injury disputes; customs and logistics legal disputes; due diligence; foreign marriage, heritage division, etc.

    Proficient in English and Japanese. Areas of expertise: consulting services in the legal field, reviewing business contracts, treaties and legal documents, and drafting contract terms; conducting audit and information survey to obtain licenses from various government departments, providing documents, and communication with BOI.

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    Current policies of Thailand Board of Investment

    Keep in line with policy opportunities and seize investment opportunities

    The current investment promotion policy refers to the "Thailand Investment Promotion Seven-Year Strategy ", and BOI encourages eight industry areas, aiming at enhancing competitive investment. The Government of Thailand, jointly with BOI, issued a policy statement highlighting enhanced support plans for energy-saving or alternative energy industries and high-tech industries.

    These eight industries include about 300 small industries. If you want to know the specific preferential policy level of the subdivision industry, please contact us for further information.

    At the present time, the BOI Office promotes the following business sectors

    · Agriculture and Agricultural Products

    · Light Industry & Manufacturing

    · Electronics and Electrical Appliances

    · Service and Public Utilities

    · Minerals & Ceramics

    · Metal Products, Machinery and Transport Equipment

    · Chemical, Paper and Plastics

    · echnology Industry

    Thailand Investment Promotion Seven-Year Strategy also declared to promote investment in Thailand's southern border provinces to help develop local economy and strengthen investment in special economic zones, particularly in the border areas within and outside industrial zones.

    Foreign investors who want to find the most favorable business opportunities in Thailand can make your investment arrangements based on "Thailand Investment Promotion 7 years Strategy". For more information, please contact us and welcome to visit Bangkok for details.


    Protective preferential policies for BOI companies

    Application for BOI means to apply for an investment promotion project and become a BOI company. BOI Act protects people entitled with preferential treatment (referred to as "promoters "). These protectives laws and regulations are:

    · The State shall not nationalize the activity of the promoted person.

    · The State shall not undertake a new activity in competition with the promoted person.

    · The State shall not monopolize the sale of products or commodities of the same kind as, or similar to those produced or assembled by the promoted person.

    · The State will not control the price of the products or commodities of the promoted activity also the promoted person shall be granted permission to export products or commodities of the promoted activity.

    · The State shall not allow any government agency, government organization or state enterprise to import into the Kingdom, with import duties exempted any kind as those being produced or assembled by the promoted person, which are comparable in quality therewith and are available in sufficient quantity to be acquire for its use.

    BOI Certificate Application Process


    1、BOI policy consulting

    2、BOI Application Form

    3、Application for BOI Cases

    4、Appoint an interview with a BOI officer

    5、Hand in additional materials after the interview

    6、Get BOI approval

    7、Submit BOI within 10 working days

    8、Company registration + tax registration + opening bank account + capital input

    9、Submit the full set of registration materials to BOI and get  BOI certificate after 10 working days

    BOI Certificate Application Process

    Application for BOI does not mean to apply for a company and put it directly into operation. The BOI is only a preferential investment certificate, the full name of which is the Investment Promotion License. For foreign businesses that successfully applied for the license, they need to establish an enterprise legal person in accordance with the Thai civil and commercial law. And then they need to have their projects approved by BOI. After that they need to apply for "foreign business permit", but at this moment the application for the permit will be much simpler. Foreign companies can only officially start their operations in Thailand after they obtain the license.


    6 months, 1 year and 2 years from the date of obtaining the BOI certificate (investment promotion permit), businesses need to report the progress of the project to BOI. Within 36 months from the date of obtaining the certificate, the project must be reported for starting, and BOI shall approve the project after reviewing its process.

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