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    Application for Thai Individual Tax Number

    CRS requires disclosure of personal wealth. Faced with the global taxation storm, we have customized the solution plan for you. 


    The essence of the CRS is to mutually and periodically disclose the property of national citizens of each other among 104 countries signing the CRS to improve the tax transparency and crack down on the cross-border tax evasion or what we call as “global taxation.” In CRS countries, your personal assets and taxpayment information will be disclosed to ensure property transparency, compliance and legitimacy. 

    Scan the QR code on What’s App or Line to apply for your Thai Individual Tax Number right now and receive a customized asset immigration plan for you. 

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    Apply for the Thai Tax Number to Hide Your Fortune

    If you want to hide your assets, you can apply for the tax number in a non-CRS-member country to transfer your tax resident identity for an all-around transfer of your assets. Thailand is the right place. 




    With Thai individual tax identification number, you will:

    01Prevent your assets form CRS, and have them remain low-profile.泰国税号(图5)  

    02. Being transferred to the identity of tax residents. 泰国税号(图6)

    03. Enjoying identity privileges. More convenient to open accounts globally. Free allocation of your assets. 

    Why is it urgent to open a Thai tax identification number?

    Under the global CRS tax mechanism, personal assets are transparent. For family businesses, besides the risk of capital loss caused by tax compensation, the risk of family privacy exposure also needs to be highly paid attention to. Furthermore, you need to be beware of the potential risk of criminal responsibility.

    CRS has completely rewritten the rules of wealth game. To ensure the safety of funds, high net worth individuals should start with wealth risk management and tax risk prevention as soon as possible. Policies will not be loosened by the time of implementation. Only prevention in advance can protect your wealth.


    making it more convenient to open accounts globally

    Individual tax identification number in Thailand is the best instrument for you to open accounts globally.

    Long term visa, proof of address, phone number, tax number, all of which combined can give you more complete information to fill in the new account application form in financial institutions. Your residence intention and individual tax identification number can make it more reasonable. Financial institutions around the world are now requiring clients to submit proof of address and fill in individual tax identification number to identify the tax location for information feedback. If you cannot provide the address and individual tax identification number of foreign countries, your application for opening an account will be rejected.



    Mandarin can tailor a CRS response plan for you

    Apply for an individual tax identification number and open accounts in Thailand. Double insurance. Legal and reasonable circumvention



    Mandarin has a mature plan for your reference. Our plan can help you avoid all kinds of risks in the CRS storm and achieve optimal allocation of assets.


    Step 1: Apply for Thai tax identification number, transfer to tax resident status to protect wealth in privacy.

    In Thailand, your assets will not be collected, classified, required of feedback, or disclosed to any country. It is a haven of offshore taxes. Your assets will be hided, no matter which country you are from and which country your tax resident identity belongs to. 

    Step 2: By opening a Thai account with the identity of a tax resident, you can allocate your assets at will without information feedback. Higher security. 

    Financial institutions can classify your account information according to your “new identity”. With a tax identification number, you will be assigned to the country which issues you the number. So, with the non-CRS country tax identification number, when you go to other countries to open bank accounts, other countries do not need to collect and feedback your assets information.



    Why us?


    Professional, efficient and fast1-2003031S52H12.jpg

    · No need to enter Thailand. Urgent processing. Quick access to tax identification number. 

    · There are many requirements for non-Thai citizens to apply for the tax identification number in Thailand. Personal application may fail due to lack of materials and unfamiliar procedures. Mandarin can help you to handle these affairs. 

    · There are many requirements for non-Thai citizens to apply for the tax identification number in Thailand. Personal application may fail due to lack of materials and unfamiliar procedures. Mandarin can help you to handle these affairs. 


    Recommendation: Apply for Thai Individual Tax Number together with Thai Elite Visa.

    Thai Individual Tax Number requires the visa to have a valid period of at least 90 days. (These visas include the retirement visa, Elite Visa and work visa. MDR recommends Thai Elite Visa for the VIPs can be allowed to live in Thailand for 20 years the longest. Besides, it is a symbol of your prestigious social status and enables you to freely enter and leave Thailand for better asset allocation.) 








    CRS storm causes a panic







    Who are the victims?

    People affected by CRS must start to consider wealth planning and risk prevention

    CRS is targeted at tax residents rather than people’s nationality. If you just immigrate to non-CRS countries, it cannot change your tax resident identity, meaning that you cannot avoid the CRS investigation. 

    Therefore, “CRS + new individual tax law” makes it impossible for people who want to hide their fortune by buying a foreign passport or opening an offshore company. 








    Assets Hedge Plan





    Thai Bank Account Opening

    Thai Elite Visa

    Thai Individual Tax Number 

    Thai Real Estate Ownership Transfer

    Asset Requirement: 55,000 RMB

    Advantages: No control of foreign exchange, free allocation of funds, protection of assets and financial account information, and no need of feedback and collection. 

    Asset Requirement: 100,000 RMB to 400,000 RMB

    Advantages: Acquire opportunities to stay in Thailand for as long as 20 years. Freely enter Thailand without restrictions of the length of stay. Enjoy multiple VIP privileges. 

    Asset Requirement: 100,000 RMB

    Advantages: Free transfer of tax residents’ identity. Full planning of assets and avoidance of CRS. 

    Asset Requirement: ≥600,000 RMB

    Advantages: Whole-process safeguard to ensure legal ownership transfer of lands, apartments, warehouses, etc. 



    If Thailand is the investment destination of your assets and you need to go between your motherland and Thailand frequently, you can enter Thailand via multiple visas, but we recommend Thai Elite Visa for you. If you buy our Thai Elite Visa application services, we will help you open the bank account in Bangkok Bank once, which can address your visa and account opening difficulties all at once.







    Real estate property is not included into CRS disclosure


      Non-financial assets are not included into CRS disclosure. Real estates in Thailand have become havens for investors.    

    Asset types—taxation targets of the CRS:Bank deposits, bank, insurance, insurance policy, LP investment amount, fund, family fortune, trust, overseas business, enterprise

    The trend for countries to join CRS is a general trend, but non-financial assets held in the name of individuals (overseas property, physical assets such as yachts, art, jewelry and cash, as well as term life insurance and critical illness insurance) are not covered by the declaration and disclosure. CRS has changed the investment preferences of high net worth individuals who prefer non-financial assets to financial assets.

      Real estate investment in Thailand is an excellent choice of asset preservation. Mandarin can protect your assets.   

    Thailand enjoys a good momentum in its economic and social development. Among overseas investments, real estate investment in Thailand has become the top preference of high net worth individuals regarding assets allocation. Mandarin can provide support and help for you to purchase real estate in Thailand. The most important step of overseas purchase is the transfer of real estate. Mandarin has experienced real estate lawyers to assist in the review of necessary documents. Then can accompany clients to sign the contract, check the contract terms, keep you away from being cheated by those words in the contracts. 

    Introduction of Plan Details

    You can choose one service or multiple according to your own situations. 

       Thai Bank Account Opening 

    1-200116112030396.jpgAdvantages of Thai Bank Account Opening:

    1. Asset protection: There is no need to gain feedback of or collect Thai financial account information;

    2. No foreign exchange control: Thailand has an independent financial market management system. The local bank can provide more convenient services for clients without foreign exchange control, and the funds can be freely allocated;

    3. Thailand has not yet joined the CRS. Therefore, the application process requires no filling-in of individual tax-payment information or handling of the tax number. 

    Advantages of MDR:

    1-200116111015S6.jpg   To open the bank account in Thailand requires the housing lease contract, but MDR can still successfully open bank accounts for clients even if they do not have such contracts.

    1-2001161110202b.jpg   Thai banks have set a high threshold for bank account opening of non-Thais, and the one-year work visa is required to apply for one bank account. MDR has established a close connection with large-scale domestic and foreign banks in Thailand. No work visa is required, and MDR can send specialists to accompany clients in opening bank accounts. Bank of Ayudhya and United Overseas Bank are recommended. 

    1-20011611102J91.jpg   After successful bank account opening, MDR will provide consulting services to facilitate clients’ bank account opening, transfer and avoidance of CRS. 

       Thai Elite Visa 


    Advantages of Thai Elite Visa:

    1. Low threshold, no requirement of fund sources, visa specially approved by the government. Recently, the Thai military has seriously cracked down on illegals in Thailand, so the Thai Elite Visa holders are absolutely out of the blacklist. 

    2. The Thai Special Visit offers the Dependent Visa handling service at a special offer. The handling charge is lower for direct relatives’ application and the direct relatives with the Dependent Visa are also entitled to the VIP services. 

    3. Get the residence right to live in Thailand for 20 years. Enjoy the permission to enter Thailand many times without residence requirements. Enjoy VIP privileges.  

    Advantages of MDR: 

    1-200116111015S6.jpg    Assist clients in opening bank accounts in the designated bank—Bangkok Bank—free of charge once;

    1-2001161110202b.jpg   Have office in Bangkok for client reception and face-to-face talk in the head office;

    1-20011611102J91.jpg   Designate lawyers to increase the successful approval rate for Thai Elite Visa—a symbol of social status. 


    Airport VIP Channel

    Free Airport Transportation Service

    VIP Discount

    VIP Service

    Enjoy the VIP channel to check in and check out of international airports in Thailand without limitation. Have specialists accompany your handling of entry and exit procedures. 

    Enjoy a good rest in the airport VIP lounge without limitation and the free specialist transportation service many times to ensure clients’ safe arrival at the destination. 

    Free golf courses, SPA stores, and health examination centers as well as exclusive discounts offered by more than 200 shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. 

    Multilingual Customer Service Center for Members, and Service Assistance of Government Departments. 

       Thai Real Estate Ownership Transfer  


    Advantages of Thai Real Estate Ownership Transfer :

    Real estate acquired through legal formalities are protected by law. 

    Guarantee the buyer to acquire three most important real estate property certificates after ownership transfer. 

    Sales contract, land title, and property ownership certificate.  

    Advantages of MDR:

    1-200116111015S6.jpg   Investigate into compliance and qualifications of the land and housing to avoid ownership transfer traps;

    1-2001161110202b.jpg   Assist clients in preparing ownership transfer documents, drafting the housing purchase contract and safeguarding clients’ legal rights and interests in terms of detail;

    1-20011611102J91.jpg   MDR real estate lawyers will accompany clients to handle the complex set of real estate ownership transfer procedures, and supervise the real estate developer and agency as the third party to prevent clients from falling into the developer’s traps. 

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