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    Why all high-net-worth individuals are applying for such a visa?

    Multiple combinations and privilege upgrade

    Once the visa was introduced, it became popular among high net worth people from all over the world, and many people even applied for it from the holy land of Saint Kitts and Nevis and Vanuatu. What attracted them?


    Thailand Elite viva+Passport of the motherland

    Thailand Elite viva+ Thai Bank Account

    Thailand Elite viva+Thai individual tax number

    Thailand Elite viva+Thai Real Estate 

    By activating the white-book status, you can make Thailand a quality transit country for your second identity.

    Free access to Thailand, free transfer of funds, no foreign exchange control, domestic remittances to Thailand more convenient, free allocation of assets.

    Thai Elite Visa gives you convenient traveling between Thailand and Other countries. Combined with individual tax identification number, it is easy to manage overseas assets. Avoiding CRS, making it possible to effectively protect the privacy of your assets.

    Free access to Thailand to manage your property. This is the most stable way to protect your assets. Can avoid future risk of CRS taxation in advance. 

    Mandarin provides reliable services for applying Thai Elite Visa. 

    Immediate family members can enjoy preferential policies and similar privileges. 


    01. We will offer free service of assistance in account opening. 

    MDR will provide one free Thai bank account opening service for applicants paying for MDR’s Thai elite visa application service. Our reservation of bank account opening can give you more convenience.

    02.Turn complexity into simplicity in an efficient way.

     MDR simplifies the service process, requiring clients to provide the passport copy only, and there is no need to provide the non-criminal record and notarization letter. 

    03.Mandarin’s field office in Bangkok. 

    MDR’s Thai elite visa services are reliable, safe and trustable. You are welcome to have face-to-face talk with our specialists in the head office of Bangkok.

    MDR has the most professional team to provide consulting services for you. Our specialists will accompany you to finish registration and communicate with you about your problems on a real-time basis.

    04.Convenient booking sticker service

    MDR’s Thai elite visa services offer you more convenience. Even if you are not in Thailand, you can also apply for it with us. We save clients the trouble of bustling between China and Thailand or frequently visiting the immigration bureau.By coming to Thailand for the visa sticker at the last moment, you can enjoy the distinguished rights. 

    05. You well be granted with the following privileges. 

    · Mandarin assists clients in applying for exclusive privileges for individual tax identification number services in Thailand. We can also help in obtaining long-term addresses necessary for individual tax identification number processing, as well as provide acting services for annual tax returns. (Clients with Elite Visa can enjoy more convenient application in opening personal tax code. Holding such a visa, you can come to Thailand to handle your assets while avoiding CRS regulations.)

    · If you are interested in purchasing property in Thailand, Mandarin can recommend high-quality houses for you. If you are worried about being cheated in purchasing property, we can provide you with property review, contract consultation and other services. You can also enjoy some preferential policies. Mandarin’s lawyers will accompany you to deal with the property transfer affairs. 


    4 steps to help you get privileges


    Suitable for the following groups


    Unparalleled Advantages of Thai Elite Visa




    Enjoy the residence right of as long as 20 years in Thailand. 

    Freely enter and leave Thailand and without limitation: There is no need to handle return visa. You can stay for as long as one year following every entry. 

     “Privilege Entry Visa:” Enjoy the private assistant’s VIP company and reception upon your entry and exit of Thailand in the airport. You can enter and leave Thailand through the exclusive channel, which is faster. 




    VIP airport lounge/waiting room: Take a rest in the VIP airport lounge/waiting room without limitation. 

    Multiple airport transportation services for free and specialist’s reception: You will have limousine at your service. Save your time and reflect your prestigious status. 

    Exclusive assistant service in Thailand: 24-hour year-around customer service consulting center assists in ordering Thailand hotels, golf courses and SPA centers, and provides business or legal consulting.




    Government department support: Assist in handling affairs of any public institution or private institution, and preparing for the work permit or the driving license.

    Member welfare: Experience golf courses, SPA, and healthcare services for free many than once. 

    Assist clients applying for Thai elite visa in opening their bank account once. Thailand is not a member country of the CRS, and it is a top choice for Asian financial management. 


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