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    Real estate development

    Mandarin has good traditions and professional advantages in the field of real estate and engineering construction. We have many senior lawyers at the expert level with rich experiences in legal practice in the fields of real estate and construction engineering. We have accumulated rich experiences and provided effective consultations for our clients in fields of real estate and infrastructure business by means of a perfect national network, knowledge of local legal background, frontier market information and professional advantages. We have a good understanding of the frontier policy. We can provide legal services to our customers in an accurate and timely manner. 


    { Golden services by Mandarin’s team }

    We can provide legal consulting, contract drafting and interpretation, and other legal services for various real estate projects, including office buildings, plants, hotels, villas, vocational villages and golf courses, purchased or built by clients. We can also assist clients in gaining financing for real estate projects and issue corresponding legal services. Besides, we can provide compliance investigation services for clients in terms of real estate and land acquisition, development or sales.  
    Mandarin’s team has strong strengths and years of experiences. We have established a good cooperative relationship with our clients. Also, we have built favorable interactive relationships with relevant government departments, courts and arbitration institutions. 

       The scope of business covers   

    * Primary land development

    * Land use right bidding, auction, listing
    * Project approval and company establishment for the project

    * Acquisition of project company

    * Project acquisition and the transfer of bidding of projects
    * Project design, construction, supervision

    * Project settlement
    * Property sales, transfer, leasing and property management
    * Commercial operation of real estate projects
    * Real estate investment trusts
    * Real estate project financing
    * Whole-process management of legal risks for real estate projects


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