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    Tax planning

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    Mandarin can design and develop optimized tax plans for enterprises and effectively manage tax risks within the framework of law. Our certified tax agents and senior customs tax experts can provide tax advice to domestic and foreign companies on business operation, business transaction, investment and double taxation in Thailand. And to provide or optimize tax planning programs, customs planning programs, and for individuals and families to provide or optimize wealth planning programs, to meet the needs of enterprises, individuals or families.


    How does Mandarin conduct the tax diagnostic services?


    Based on years of experiences in tax-related services, we have created a set of comprehensive service system including learning, consulting, auditing, diagnosis and planning. The company has provided tax-related services to more than 3,000 enterprises.


    We can systematically check the tax benefits that taxpayers should enjoy according to the nature, industry, business, region, personnel structure and equity structure of taxpayers. We will analyze taxpayers’ business characteristics, decompose income structure, analyze cost composition, enterprise investment and financing plan, investigate enterprise operation procedures and the business model, and then outline the plan for taxpayers, so that they may enjoy preferential treatment. In addition to this, we will escort the implementation process until the real benefits have been delivered. 


    The scope of business covers

      Scope of Tax Planning  

    *  Daily tax-related business consultation for companies in Thailand 

    *  Tax planning for foreign direct investment

    *  Overseas investment tax design of Chinese-funded enterprises

    *  Tax planning for corporate restructuring, merger and acquisition 

    *  Tax health checks and due diligence

    *  Tax services in the process of enterprise listing

    *  Tax consultation for non-resident enterprises

    *  Supply chain design and tax planning

    *  Staff incentive and personal income tax service

    *  Pricing analysis in transfer and documents preparation

    *  Application for preferential tax treatment

    *  Handling tax inspection and anti-avoidance investigations

    *  Communicate with tax authorities to resolve tax disputes

      The scope of customs planning includes  

    *  Consultation on rules of origin, customs valuation and tariff policy

    *  Tariff planning and design for customs brokers and trading enterprises.  

    *  Design and implementation of tariff plans for manufacturing enterprises

       The scope of wealth planning includes      

    *   Protecting the safety of assets by means of trust and insurance.

    *   Arranging inheritance by means of wills, trusts, insurance and other planning tools 

    *   Property planning for major shareholders before listing.

    *   Pre-immigrant property planning

    *   Pre-marital property planning for family members

    *   Handling of assets and divorce-related property disputes on behalf of clients

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