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    Long-term Legal Consultancy

    With a unique standard of legal service, Mandarin’s team has been providing tailored legal consultancy services for various enterprises, institutions and individuals. Our staff have worked in many law firms, large companies and brand protection departments. Our multi-angle experiences give us a strategic approach to problem solving.    


    Corporate counsel

    We focus on providing constant legal advisory services for enterprises, especially in risk prevention and avoidance. We participate in major negotiations on behalf of enterprises, and provide legal advice on major projects, draft and review contracts for enterprises, protect intellectual property rights and protect the establishment of brands. Through years of practical experiences in providing legal advisory services to enterprises, a complete set of legal service system has been gradually formed, and a targeted early-warning mechanism has been established according to the industry characteristics and operation modes of different enterprises. Through the above efforts, we can effectively prevent and guard against legal risks for enterprises.

       Constant legal advisory services include the followings   

    *  To provide legal advice and suggestions for daily operation and management of the company.

    *  To review and draft import and export contracts, distribution agency agreements and franchise contracts. 

    *  At the request of the company to participate in the general meeting of shareholders, board of directors and other meetings, we provide legal advice and suggestions.

    *  To provide legal advice and suggestions for the company to deal with labor relations.

    *  To provide legal advice and suggestions for the company to deal with industrial and commercial affairs, tax affairs, business affairs, customs affairs and environmental affairs.

    *  To participate in major business negotiations and provide legal advice and suggestions as required by the company.

    *  To issue a lawyer's letter to a third party on production, operation and management affairs and respond to the lawyer's letter issued by the third party.

    *  To draft and issue legal notices in the media on behalf of the company at its request.

    *  To provide the company with the latest laws and regulations related to production, operation and management.

    *  To provide legal advice and suggestions on IPR protection.

    *  To provide legal training for company employees.

    *  Help the company to prevent economic disputes, participate in mediation, reconciliation, representing the company in litigation and arbitration cases.

    *  Other legal consultation services. 

    Private counsel

    *  Mandarin has launched the "private lawyer" program. We accept personal employment. We constantly provide legal consultation, evaluation of legal consequences, legal risk assessment and acting legal services from the perspective of risk prevention.  

    *  In order to offer the best lawyers for our clients, we have established a database of professional lawyers covering different fields, such as health, family, property, consumption, career, investment, operation, overseas and criminal affairs, aiming to provide you the most suitable services.

    *  We comply with the requirements of the Lawyer’s Law and the constraints of the lawyer's professional ethics and practice discipline and have a strong trust relationship with the clients. We can protect the clients' personal privacy to the maximum. 

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