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    Document notarization

    Following principles of "authenticity, legitimacy and confidentiality", Mandarin provides clients with professional services of overseas documents notarization as well as Chinese-English-Thai translation services of documents, contracts, agreements and supporting materials. Mandarin’s team has many years of experiences in notarization and has handled various kinds of notarization affairs. Our staff are familiar with all requirements of foreign documents notarization. They will spare no efforts in helping you finish the document notarization process in the shortest time according to Thai laws and regulations based on the needs of the clients. Their expertise can effectively solve the problems caused by language barriers, unclear materials, and lack of familiarity with local laws and regulations, which often delay the notarization or make the notarization results less authoritative.


    Service Scope

       Notarized documents by the host country    

    Documents should be certified both by local government notary office and Thai embassy in the home country first, and then be sent to the corresponding country. 

       Documents notarized in Thailand      
    Documents should get the notarization by lawyers and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand and foreign embassies in Thailand. And then can be used. 

    * Mandarin provides professional services of documents translation. 


    Types of documents for notarization

    Company corporate notarization          

    Companies, business documents notarization, CEPA certificates, business or economic transactions, such as real estate, joint investment, etc.

    Notarization of personal, family membership and relationships

    Notarization of marriage certificate, proof of kinship, widowhood certificate, power of attorney, adoption, inheritance and gift, economic transaction affairs, etc. (such as real estate affairs).

    Overseas Certificate Certification and Notarization Service of Translations

    ①Translation Notarization of non-Thai diplomas or transcripts (including diplomas, degrees, transcripts, and practicing certificates).

    ②Provide professional consultation on non-Thai transcripts of nursing.  

    ③Nurse qualification service

    ④We assist non-Thai nurses in handling nursing education certification in Thailand, license translation and certification, application for Thai license and examination, translation of transcripts and conversion of Thai government licenses.

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