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    Bail:For foreigners who have been arrested on suspicion of crime, the family members should contact the lawyer at the earliest time possible, entrust the lawyer to help meet, understand the case, collect favorable information, defend the suspect, seek the chance of bail. All of these can be entrusted to Mandarin.

    Parole:Prisoners who conscientiously abide by prison regulations or show true repentance and show no signs of endangering the community or have positive contributions can be commuted or paroled.

    For persons serving sentences, if the family members do not know the legal procedures related to the parole in Thailand, Mandarin lawyer can provide reasonable advice and apply for visit according to the criminal law of Thailand. We can also communicate with persons serving sentences in order to get the chance of commutation or parole for them.


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    Vilia, Barrister


    Mede CAIBarrister

    Vilia has been working as a lawyer and a legal consultant since 2002. 17 years of professional experience. Areas of expertise: legal litigation, legal defense, legal advice, compulsory litigation, enforcement of judgments, property disputes, business registration, establishment of enterprises and chambers of commerce.

    He has been a barrister since 2009 and obtained the right of attorney for signature of environmental impact assessment in Thailand in 2016. Specialized in legal proceedings against foreigners in Thailand. Areas of expertise: civil/criminal disputes, bail/parole, debt disputes, intellectual property rights, labor disputes, environmental protection disputes, etc.

    He has been a lawyer and legal consultant for 30 consecutive years and has obtained a bar association license. Areas of expertise: covering the establishment of all foreign-funded enterprises such as BOI and FBL; legal transfer of real estate by foreign clients; civil and criminal litigation defense, personal injury disputes; customs and logistics legal disputes; due diligence; foreign marriage, heritage division, etc.






    Guan napanLawyer

    He has been engaged in lawyer and legal case work since 1999, with 23 years of professional lawyer experience. Areas of expertise: major criminal cases, felony / innocence defense, civil litigation, such as real estate disputes, divorce cases, contract disputes, drug-related and drug trafficking cases, various fraud cases, labor disputes, and close contacts with government departments.

    From 2008 to 2012, he studied in Thammasat university of Thailand and obtained a master's degree. Since 2013, he has been started working at Mandarin Law Firm and has been serving as a legal consultant to the National Health System of Thailand.

    Proficient in English and Japanese. Areas of expertise: consulting services in the legal field, reviewing business contracts, treaties and legal documents, and drafting contract terms; conducting audit and information survey to obtain licenses from various government departments, providing documents, and communication with BOI.

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