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    Merger & Acquisition

    Over the past years, authorities and media in Thailand have always named Mandarin as one of the best Thai law firms in the area of acquisition and merger.

    We have participated in various M & A transactions in various industries, covering different industries such as finance, manufacturing, real estate, retail and so on. We have an experienced team specializing in corporate and commercial legal services. We are committed to the principle of "Let professional people do the professional things ". With professional kills and rich experiences, we provide a variety of services in M & A field, including pre-examination of documents, legal advice, participation in negotiations, drafting documents and the optimal disposal of assets. We help enterprises choose the right M & A mode and transaction pattern, reduce the loopholes in the M & A process, and successfully carry out a series of M & A affairs. 


    M & A process


    Prior to M & A, we will conduct legal feasibility investigation on the merger and acquisition project, including foreign capital access and restrictions, anti-monopoly assessment, understand the approval history or possibility of similar investment projects.


    In the early stage of M & A, we assist clients in early negotiations and sign legal documents such as confidentiality agreement, letter of intent or framework agreement; Determine the investment structure. Carry out legal due diligence on the target company and the target project to evaluate the merger risk and put forward solutions for you.


    After the completion of due diligence, we will draft, review and modify a series of transaction documents such as equity purchase agreement, asset purchase agreement, third party supervision agreement, shareholder or board resolution, power of attorney and other transaction documents in accordance with the problems and risks found, and assist clients in negotiation and signing the merger agreement.


    During the M & A implementation stage, we will assist clients to complete the administrative procedures such as investment approval or filing in China, supervise the flow of funds and the performance and delivery of transactions and we will provide advice to clients on compliance requirements after M & A.

        The scope of business covers   

    *  Legal due diligence

    *  Industrial access and policy analysis

    *  Review, draft and negotiation of transaction documents

    *  Provide legal advice on major issues

    *  Execution of transactions

    *  Anti-monopoly declaration

    *  Transaction structure design

    *  M&A tax planning

    *  Provide analysis on issues such as transaction supervision or approval

    *  Assist in getting the approval of government departments

    *  Post-merger integration

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