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    Due diligence

    [  Prevent legal risks and solve legal problems  ]

    Due diligence is one of Mandarin's core businesses. Mandarin’s professional investigation team has carried out various types of investigations and has rich experiences in this filed. In view of the major, complicated and difficult cases, by means of its unique investigation concepts and detective means, Mandarin can solve practical problems for our clients quickly and efficiently. 

    As a professional due diligence firm, Mandarin strictly keeps confidential the information of the entrusting companies and individuals during the investigation and will provide feasible suggestions and legal solutions according to the interests of the clients after investigations.


    Purpose of due diligence investigation

    The primary purpose of due diligence is to provide clients with an evaluation of the legal qualification of the target company's relevant projects and the compliance of various matters related to the projects with the legal provisions. The ultimate purpose is to prevent risks and avoid unnecessary mistakes and losses. 

    After the completion of due diligence, lawyers will give the client an authentic and reliable conclusion of the investigation. Since the purpose of the lawyer's due diligence is to reveal and prevent risks, rather than to facilitate the transaction, lawyers will give the client a full reminder of legal risks.


    The value of due diligence

    As a professional third-party intermediary, Mandarin can be independent from investors and target enterprises. We can ensure that due diligence reports are objective, professional and comprehensive. When you consider a business deal, you should do due diligence first. A neutral and independent survey conducted by Mandarin will give you the true information, help you to weigh the advantages and risks, and improve your decision-making ability. Whenever there is a crisis, you can trust in Mandarin. As a trustworthy partner, Mandarin is reliable and willing to help you. 

    After the completion of due diligence, Mandarin will draft and issue the due diligence reports and communicate with the client. We will list the problems identified in the survey one by one, and explain the problems, possible impacts, and possible solutions.

    The scope of business covers

      Background investigation  

    Company profile, organizational structure, supply, business and products, sales, research and development, company's main fixed assets and operating facilities, company finance, major claims and liabilities, investment projects, and other background information. 

      Risk control survey    

    *  Financial credit/equity investment risk control (pre-project data review, in-depth research, comprehensive evaluation, mid-term project monitoring and asset tracking in the preservation stage)*  Employee background investigation (human resources risk control services, pre-employment background investigation and qualification review of personnel, crisis management and ethics monitoring of in-service personnel, security audit of ex-service personnel, risk control and investigation of ex-service personnel)

    *  Security monitoring of internal staff (security monitoring of staff in key positions, implementation of testing tasks)

    *  Partner background due diligence (mergers, acquisitions, alliances, partnerships, venture capital, lending, technology procurement, and outsourcing)

      Commercial violations investigation   

    *  Commercial fraud investigation (advance payment or deposit fraud, partnership fraud, joint venture fraud, contract fraud, L/C fraud)*  Staff fraud investigation (investigation of bribes, false agent procurement)

    *  Business theft investigation (to investigate the disclosure cases and determine who were involved)

    *  Forensic evidence and asset tracing (evidence and related documents required in court: acceptable evidence obtained from a neutral third party)*  Intellectual property rights investigation (investigation on abuse, infringement, or misappropriation; patent, trademark, copyright infringement; business secret disclosure)

    *  Non-competition investigation (investigation on personal background and experiences of professional managers)

    *  Other commercial infringement investigations (insurance fraud, exclusive rights in sales channels, bribery, circumvention, malicious defamation of reputation)

      Due diligence on other information   

    Real estate file investigation, land information investigation, household registration investigation, special labor registration investigation, other customized due diligence

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