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    Debt recovery service

    [ Lawyers break through difficulties in debt recovery to retrieve the non-performing debts ]

    By using excellent legal knowledge and wisdom, Mandarin could formulate various effective solutions to ensure the effective recovery of difficult debts or facilitate the resolution of economic disputes, complete the trust entrusted by the client. 


    help you handle the complex debts:

    · how recover debts in an efficient way?

    · how to recover debts with the absence of the debtors 

    · how to recover debts without a debt document

    · how to recover debts when the debtors have transferred the property? 

    · How to enforce if the debtor has no property under his name?

    · What measures or instruments can be taken to collect debt

    · How to recover the project capital effectively

    · What problems should be avoided in debt collection?

    Collection of debts with our capacity

    [ Provide debt collection services in a legal, scientific, standardized and appropriate way ]

    Mandarin combines litigation and non-litigation means in debt collection. We can solve various kinds of economic disputes in an efficient way. We can handle the following affairs: malicious assets transfer, hidden assets and debts terminated by the court. You can say no to blind litigation and step away from losing money while winning the case.  Mandarin and our proficient lawyers are your best choice.

       our business covers the followings   

    Personal debts

    1. Non-litigation collection: By means of telephones, faxes, letters, visits, meetings and other legal means to pressure the debtors in order to recover debts and recover losses.

    2. Litigation collection:Refusal of blind litigation. Flexible use of legal weapons. Urge and supervise the court and competent authorities to deliver their duties in favor of creditors in various debt cases. 

    Enterprise debts

    On the basis of ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of clients, the disputes regarding creditor's rights and debts can be resolved through lawyer's coordination mechanism, door-to-door collection, mediation and other non-litigation means by means of lawyer's letter, transfer of creditor's rights and debts, physical compensation and litigation.

    Government debts

    Government debts can be recovered by combining debt recovery and anti-corruption endeavors based on objective realities and relevant factors. Any attempts to taking bribes or trying to obtain illegitimate benefits by procrastination of the project capital should be punished. We will try to recover the money and make them compensate for your losses according to law.

    International debt recovery

    We provide professional, efficient, economical and convenient international debt collection, export payment recovery, business account management and credit investigation of overseas enterprises, etc. We assist foreign trade enterprises to reduce overseas debt rate, improve cash flow and financial situation, reduce overseas economic losses

    Mandarin provides more reliable services


    After dealing with innumerous debt collection businesses, Mandarin has more practical, comprehensive, systematic and rich experiences in this field. Such profound, reliable and intelligent capacity in debt collection businesses has laid a more solid foundation for us to provide better, higher quality and more reliable services in the future.

    In the process of resolving civil economic disputes and carrying out debt collection services, we, who are experienced in legal expertise and mature in business skills, can properly grasp the relevant working skills and the opportunity to recover debts and have unique ideas and ways to deal with some difficult debts and controversial dispute cases. For related complicated business problems, we draw up a variety of effective solutions based on years of experiences.

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