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    Litigation and arbitration

    Litigation and arbitration legal services are one of the core business of Mandarin. 

    Mandarin’s team of practicing lawyers have a clear and deep understanding of the law, which has helped us win the trust from our clients. They have extensive and practical experiences in litigation and commercial arbitration in Thailand. We handle more than 200 litigation and arbitration cases each year. We can maximize the interests of clients in disputes. 

    We use the latest information technology tools and standardized processes. We study many cases. We provide several solutions and simulate exercises. Our special emphasis is placed on facilitating reconciliation between both parties and we try to minimize the burden of litigation.


    our business covers the followings

    [ Civil litigation agent ]

    We are engaged in road traffic accidents, personal injury compensation, debt disputes, contract disputes, medical disputes, consumer rights, collateral, disputes over compensation and resettlement for the demolition, marriage and family inheritance, legal consultation, mediation, divorce and property division, divorce-related documents, pre-marital property witness and after-marital property agreement and other legal affairs.

      In this field, we offer the following services  

    Pre-court investigation, collection of evidence, property preservation, court representation, enforcement of effective legal documents in civil litigation arbitration and litigation. Formulation of negotiation plans in litigation and arbitration. Assisting the client in negotiation, draft or reviewing the settlement agreement, acting on behalf of the client to implement the settlement agreement.

    [ Settlement of commercial disputes ]

    We act on behalf of clients in the following disputes: maritime and aviation disputes, building disputes, bank and shareholder rights disputes, financial services disputes, disputes in the implementation of commercial contracts, disputes over the termination of joint venture partnership agreements, disputes over intellectual property rights infringement and disputes over labor contracts. We assist our clients in the foreclosure process before and after the judgment and provide accurate debtor property investigation services.

    Among them, disputes related to the company include disputes over shareholder qualification confirmation, shareholder capital contribution, equity transfer, company resolution, company establishment, company merger, acquisition of listed companies, liability for damage to shareholders' interests, etc.

      In this field, we offer the following services  

    *  Domestic litigation arbitration

    *  Pre-court investigation for evidence

    *  Property preservation

    *  Trial agent
    *  Enforcement of legal instruments in force

    *  International litigation and arbitration

    *  Agent in foreign jurisdiction (with the help of Mandarin lawyers abroad)

    *  Agent in international arbitration

    *  Enforcement of effective legal documents (including recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in China)

    *  Alternative dispute resolution – negotiation

    *  Draft negotiation plans

    *  Representing or assisting clients in negotiations

    *  Draft or review settlement agreements

    *  Representing he client to deliver settlement agreement

    [ criminal defense ]

    Criminal defense, representation, administrative review and representation in proceedings for commercial offences

    Criminal defense businesses are separated from other litigation and arbitration businesses by Mandarin. The company has a criminal defense team that specializes in corporate crimes. Our senior criminal defense lawyers are proficient in corporate law and criminal law, all of whom have graduated from Thailand's leading law schools, and have master's degree on Punishment Law, Criminal Procedural Law or above. All of them are equipped with solid professional basic knowledge, and intensive academic foundation. Some of them have rich experiences in judicial organs, and they are experts in handling various kinds of major, difficult and complex corporate criminal cases.

      In this field, we offer the following services  

    *  Acting on behalf of the client to report or lodge a complaint in a criminal case.

    *  Providing legal assistance to criminal suspects in the investigation stage.

    *  Act as a defender for the criminal suspect, the defendant and the appellant in the examination and prosecution stage.

    *  Acting for victims to participate in criminal proceedings and conduct criminal incidental civil proceedings.

    *  Acting on behalf of the client in criminal cases and other criminal-related legal activities.

    Mandarin senior lawyers are at your service





    Vilia, Barrister


    Mede CAIBarrister

    Vilia has been working as a lawyer and a legal consultant since 2002. 20 years of professional experience. Areas of expertise: legal litigation, legal defense, legal advice, compulsory litigation, enforcement of judgments, property disputes, business registration, establishment of enterprises and chambers of commerce.

    He has been a barrister since 2009 and obtained the right of attorney for signature of environmental impact assessment in Thailand in 2016. Specialized in legal proceedings against foreigners in Thailand. Areas of expertise: civil/criminal disputes, bail/parole, debt disputes, intellectual property rights, labor disputes, environmental protection disputes, etc.

    He has been a lawyer and legal consultant for 30 consecutive years and has obtained a bar association license. Areas of expertise: covering the establishment of all foreign-funded enterprises such as BOI and FBL; legal transfer of real estate by foreign clients; civil and criminal litigation defense, personal injury disputes; customs and logistics legal disputes; due diligence; foreign marriage, heritage division, etc.






    Guan napanLawyer

    He has been engaged in lawyer and legal case work since 1999, with 23 years of professional lawyer experience. Areas of expertise: major criminal cases, felony / innocence defense, civil litigation, such as real estate disputes, divorce cases, contract disputes, drug-related and drug trafficking cases, various fraud cases, labor disputes, and close contacts with government departments

    From 2008 to 2012, he studied in Thammasat university of Thailand and obtained a master's degree. Since 2013, he has been started working at Mandarin Law Firm and has been serving as a legal consultant to the National Health System of Thailand.

    Proficient in English and Japanese. Areas of expertise: consulting services in the legal field, reviewing business contracts, treaties and legal documents, and drafting contract terms; conducting audit and information survey to obtain licenses from various government departments, providing documents, and communication with BOI.

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    Our advantages


    Visualization of litigation
    We are committed to transforming complex, tedious facts and legal relationships into concise, expressive charts through visualization tools. 

    Risk assessment of litigation
    It is highly possible to minimize the difficulties and risks of cases in an accurate way through evaluation and big data analysis as well as through the strength of science and technology and past experiences. 

    Standardized litigation procedures
    We have created a strict and efficient management system of litigation procedures. Each case will go through a 33-step standardized process to ensure the excellent quality of our litigation services.

    Moot court
    We are skilled in predicting the outcomes of major and complex commercial cases. Through the innovative introduction of third-party neutral assessment experts, we will form a litigation risk assessment committee to give professional opinions on the probability of success of each case and, if necessary, launch the moot court. We will do our best for your success.

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